Dictation and Transcription Equipment

We offer transcription headsets, dictation equipment, cassette tapes, power adapters, microphones, telephone record adapters, pc footpedals as well as foot pedals for microcassette transcribers, and much more. We carry new and used cassette transcribers. We also have a wide selection of digital recorders and pc transcription software. give us a call if you are not finding what you need.
0421 Second Hand C-Phone
0421 Second hand C-Phone
0421 Second Hand C-Phone with Optic Microphone
1 Gig SD Memory Card
2 Gig SD Memory Card
3M Mini Cassette Tapes 5 Pack
4 Gig SD Memory Card
56262 Replacement C-Phone power adapter
AC Adapters & Batteries
AC321 AC Adapter
AC930 replacement power adaptor for M2000
AL60 Aluminum Stethoscope Headset
AL60 USB Headset
AL60L Aluminum Stethoscope Headset
Andrea ANC750
Andrea Array 2S/USB-SA Bundle
Andrea Array-2S/USB-SA/HS-75 Bundle
Andrea Headsets
Andrea HS75 C1-1020060-2
Andrea NC-250V
Andrea NC181 C1-1022100-1
Andrea NC181VM C1-1022200-1
Andrea NC181VM USB C1-1022300-1
Andrea NC185 C1-1022400-1
Andrea NC185VM C1-1022500-1
Andrea NC185VM USB C1-1022600-1
Andrea SG-100 Shot Gun Microphone
Andrea USB Adapter
Andrea USB SA C1-1021450-1
Andrea USB-MA C1-1024200-1
AR70038 Clam Shell Earphone
Audio-Magnetics MiniTracs Mini Casse Tape
AV00225 Single Ear Headset
BE10 Standard Cassette Tape Eraser
Cassette Recorders & Transcribers NEW
Cassette Tapes
CC10 Record Coupler
CC20 Telephone Record Coupler
CC30 telephone recorder adaptor
Certron M30 Micro Cassette Tapes 10 Pack
Certron M60 Micro Cassette Tapes 8 Pack + Cleaning Cassette
Certron Microcassette Cleaning Tape
CM1000 Conference Microphone
CM1000 USB Conference Microphone
CM909 Conference Microphone
CM909S Battery Powered Microphone
Coby CXR123 Microcassette Recorder
Conference Microphones
Court-Conference Equipment REFURBISHED
Craig CR8003 Microcassette Recorder Open Package
DH50 Ear Cushions (5 Pair Per Pack)
DH50AM U Bow Headset
DH50RA U Bow Headset
DH50S U Bow Headset
Dictaphone 0421 C-Phone
Dictaphone 0421 C-Phone Transcriber
Dictaphone 148519 foot Pedal
Dictaphone 148649 USB Adapter
Dictaphone 1740 Mini Cassette Transcriber Refurbished
Dictaphone 2 Prong to 3.5mm Adaptor
Dictaphone 2740 Standard Cassette Dictator
Dictaphone 2740 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Dictaphone 2740 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Dictaphone 2750 Standard Cassette Dictator, 2750 Refurb
Dictaphone 2750 Standard Cassette Transcriber with Foot Pedal & Headset
Dictaphone 2750 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Refurb
Dictaphone 3254 Microcassette Recorder
Dictaphone 3255 Microcassette Recorder
Dictaphone 3740 Microcassette Dictator
Dictaphone 3740 Microcassette Transcriber
Dictaphone 3740 Microcassette Transcriber, Refurb
Dictaphone 3750 Microcassette Dictator
Dictaphone 3750 Microcassette Dictator
Dictaphone 3750 Microcassette Transcriber
Dictaphone 3750 Microcassette Transcriber, Second Hand
Dictaphone 860001 AC Adapter
Dictaphone 862300
Dictaphone AL60DP Aluminum Stethoscope Headset
Dictaphone DH50DP U Bow Headset
Dictaphone Mini Cassette Tapes 5 Pack
Dictaphone Nuance Powermic ii
Dictaphone PS315 AC Adapter
Dictation Correspondence Folders
Dictation Folders
Digital PC Transcription Kits
Digital Recorders by Olympus
Digital Recorders REFURBISHED
Download Cables & Cradles
Ear Cushions
Express Scribe Pro Transcription Kit
Express Scribe Pro Transcription Kit
Foot Pedals
FTW Transcriber Foot Pedal Bundle
FTW Transcriber Foot Pedal Headset Bundle
FTW Transcriber Infinity 3 USB Foot pedal
Fuji XD32 Memory Card
GN1 Microphone
GN3 Microphone
Grundig 3110 Microcassette Transcriber
Grundig 3110D Microcassette Dictator Refurbished
Grundig 3110TG Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished
Grundig 3120 Microcassette Dictation Recorder Refurbished
Grundig 3121 Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished
Grundig 3130 Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished
Grundig 520 Headset
Grundig 536 Foot Pedal
Grundig 541 Hand Controler
Grundig 568 3.5 Headset
Grundig 568 Headset
Grundig 744 Dictation Folders
Grundig 800FX Dictation Microphone
Grundig DH2028 Microcassette Recorder Refurbished
Grundig GGM4500 Microcassette tapes MC45 3 Pack
Grundig INGDX Dictaphone 0502728 Foot Pedal
Grundig SH10 Steno Cassette Portable Recorder
Grundig SH24 Steno Cassette Recorder, GFS2000
Grundig ST3221 Steno Cassette Transcriber, GFO7500
Grundig Steno Cassettes (5 Pack) GGO5610
Grundig Transcription Kit KDC5670
HP1 Headset
HP3 Headset
INBMG Foot Pedal
Infinity 3 USB Foot Pedal
Infinity IN110 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN19 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN20 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN210 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN25 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN35 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN54 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN557 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN585 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN75 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN765 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN81 Foot Pedal
Infinity IN87 Foot Pedal
Infinity INUSB2 Foot Pedal
Koss DC10 Headset
Koss DC11 Headset
Koss EC10 Pointed Ear Cushions (5 Pair Per Pack)
Koss EC10R Ear Cushions (5 Pair Per Pack)
Lanier APS160 Replacement Power Supply
Lanier C90 Standard Cassette Tapes (10 Pack)
Lanier HM160 Microphone refurbished
Lanier LCR5 Advocate Recorder, Second Hand
Lanier LCT5 4 Channel Transcriber, Second Hand
Lanier LX-055-7 Foot Pedal
Lanier LX1010/2.5 Telephone Record Adaptor
Lanier LX1028 Foot Pedal
Lanier LX1030 USB Adaptor
Lanier LX1035 Headset
Lanier Microphone Cable
Lanier Microphone Desk Stand
Lanier MP555 Headset
Lanier P165 Microcassette Recorder
Lanier Replacement Pedal INLAX150
Lanier Transcription Accessories
Lanier VW-210 Microcassette Transcriber
Lanier VW110 Standard Cassette Dictator, VW110
Lanier VW110 Standard Cassette Transcriber, VW-110
Lanier VW210 Microcassette Dictator, VW-210
Lanier VW260 Microcassette Dictator, Refurbished
Lanier VW260 Microcassette Transcriber, Refurbished
Legal Size Correspondence Folders
Letter Size Correspondence Folders
LHTDP Headset
LRX30 Logger Patch
LRX30A Amplified Logger Patch
LRX35 Logger Patch
LRX37C Logger Patch
LRX40USB Telephone Record Adapter
Maxell C60 Cassettes 10 Pack
Maxell IS60 Instant Start Cassettes, 10 Pack
Maxell IS90 Instant Start Cassette tapes, 10 Pack
Maxell MC60 Microcassette Tapes 3 Pack
Maxell MC60 Microcassette Tapes 9 Pack
Maxell MC90 Microcassette Tapes, 10 Pack
Memory Supplies
Micro Word MC30 Microcassette Tapes
Microcassette Recorders
Microcassette Transcribers
Microcassette Transcribers & Recorders REFURBISHED
Mini Cassette
Mini Cassette Recorders
Mini Cassette Transcribers
Mini Cassette Transcribers & Recorders REFURBISHED
NJ10 XLR Cable
NJ15 XLR Cable
NJ20 XLR Cable
NJ25 XLR Cable
NJ3 XLR Cable
NJ6 XLR Cable
Norelco DH50N U Bow Headset
Nuance PowerMic 4
Olympus 16MB Smart Media Memory Card
Olympus A329 AC Adapter Replacement
Olympus A513 AC Adapter
Olympus A514 AC Adapter 147590
Olympus A515 AC Adapter
Olympus A911 AC Adapter Replacement
Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit, AS-2400
Olympus AS9000 Transcription Kit
Olympus BR403 Battery Pack Replacement
Olympus BR404 AAA Rechargeable Batteries
Olympus CR10 Download Cradle
Olympus CR15 Docking Cradle
Olympus CR21 Docking Cradle
Olympus CR3A Cradle
Olympus DM720 digital recorder
Olympus DR1000 Executive Kit, DR1000EK
Olympus DR1000 Microphone Dictation Kit
Olympus DR1200 Directrec Microphone
Olympus DR2000 Executive Kit, DR-2000EK
Olympus DR2200 Directrec Microphone
Olympus DR2300 Directrec Microphone
Olympus DS2300 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS2400 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS2500 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS2600 Digital Dictation Recorder
Olympus DS3500 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS4000 Digital recorder, Refurbished
Olympus DS5000 Refurbished Digital Recorder
Olympus DS7000 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS7000 Digital Recorder Refurbished
Olympus DS9000 Digital Dictation Recorder
Olympus DS9000 Digital Recorder Demo Unit
Olympus DS9000 Digital Recorder with Cradle Demo Unit
Olympus DS9000 with Docking Cradle
Olympus DS9500 Digital Dictation Recorder with WiFi Download
Olympus DS9500 Digital Recorder Demo Unit
Olympus DSS Player Standard Dictation Module
Olympus DSS Player Standard Transcription Module Software.
Olympus DT1000 Microcassette Dictator, Refurb
Olympus DT1000 Microcassette Transcriber, Refurb
Olympus E102 PC Stereo Headset
Olympus E103 Transcription Headset
Olympus E20 Ear Bud Headset 146112
Olympus E61 PC Stereo Headset
Olympus E62 Stereo PC Headset
Olympus E99 Headset
Olympus F5AC AC Adapter
Olympus KP11 Download Cable
Olympus KP21 Download Cable
Olympus KP22 Download Cable
Olympus Li42B Lithium Ion Battery
Olympus LSP4 Digital Recorder
Olympus ME12 Noise Cancellation Microphone
Olympus ME15 Tie Clip Microphone
Olympus ME30W Microphone Kit
Olympus ME31 Zoom Microphone
Olympus ME32 Zoom Microphone
Olympus ME33 Conference Microphone
Olympus ME34 Zoom Microphone
Olympus ME51S Stereo Microphone
Olympus ME52W Noise Cancelling Microphone
Olympus ODMS R7 Dictation Module, AS9001
Olympus ODMS R7 Transcription Module, AS9002
Olympus Pearlcorder J300 Microcassette Recorder
Olympus Pearlcorder J500 Microcassette Recorder
Olympus PT5 Ear Cushions for E61, E62 Headset
Olympus RS12 Foot Pedal
olympus RS19 foot pedal
Olympus RS27 Foot Pedal
Olympus RS31 Foot Pedal
Olympus RS32 Hand Controller
Olympus S830 Microcassette Recorder
Olympus S832 Microcassette Recorder
Olympus T1000 Microcassette Transcriber
Olympus T1000 Second Hand Microcassette Transcriber
Olympus T2020 Micro Mini Cassette Dual Tape Transcriber
Olympus T2020 Micro Mini Transcriber, Second Hand
Olympus TP8 Telephone Record Adapter
Olympus VN541 Digital Recorder
Olympus WS852 Digital Recorder
Olympus WS853 Digital Recorder
Olympus XD1G Memory Card
Olymus S831 Microcassette Recorder
OM System Olympus AS2700 Transcription Kit
OM System Olympus DS2700 Digital Dictation Recorder
Panasonic RN405 Microcassette Recorder RN4053
Panasonic RP2692 Foot Pedal
Panasonic RPEP110
Panasonic RR-830 Standard Cassette Transcriber, RR830
Panasonic RR930 Microcassette Transcriber
Panasonic RR930 Microcassette Transcriber, Refurbished
PC Dictation Microphones
PC Foot Pedals
PC Headsets
Philips 0005 Mini Cassette Tapes (10 pack) LFH0005
Philips 28231 Foam Ear Cushions (5 Pair Per Pack)
Philips 388
Philips 488
Philips 588
Philips 64036 Foam Ear Cushions (5 pair per pack)
Philips 720 Mini Cassette Transcriber
Philips 720T Mini Cassette Transcriber
Philips 725 Mini Cassette Dictator, 725D
Philips 725 Mini Cassette Transcriber Refurbished LFH0725
Philips 730 Mini Cassette Dictator, 730D
Philips 730T Mini Cassette Transcriber Refurbished
Philips ACC2310 Foot Pedal
Philips ACC2320 Foot Pedal
Philips ACC2330 Foot Pedal
Philips DDC2 Telephone Record Adapter
Philips LFH0005 Mini Cassette tapes 2 Pack
Philips LFH155 Replacement AC Adapter
Philips LFH2210 Foot Pedal
Philips LFH232 Headset
Philips LFH233 Headset
Philips LFH234 Headset
Philips LFH276/10 Dictation Microphone
Philips LFH3200 SpeechMike
Philips LFH334 Headset
Philips LFH3500 Speechmike Premium
Philips LFH7177 Transcription Kit
Philips LFH9173 Tie Clip Microphone
Prism Microcassette Tape Eraser
PS4H AC Adapter
PS980 AC Adapter
RCA RP3537 Microcassette Recorder
RCA RP3538 Microcassette Recorder
Recording Software
Refurbished Infinity INUSB1 Foot Pedal
Repair Service
Sanyo D57000 AC Adapter
Sanyo FS53 Foot Pedal IN53
Sanyo FS56 Foot Pedal
Sanyo HM54 Microphone Refurbished
Sanyo IN92 foot pedal
Sanyo ME20 Micro Cassette Tape Eraser
Sanyo RB9100B Headset
Sanyo TRC540M Microcassette Recorder
Sanyo TRC6040 Microcassette Transcriber
Sanyo TRC6040 Microcassette Transcriber
Sanyo TRC7060 MINI Cassette Transcriber Refurbished
Sanyo TRC7600 Mini Cassette Dictator, Refurbished
Sanyo TRC8030 Standard Cassette Transcriber, TRC-8030
Sanyo TRC8080 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Sanyo TRC8080 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Sanyo TRC8800 Standard Cassette Dictator, TRC-8800
Second Hand Philips 388 Mini Cassette Recorder
Second Hand Philips 488 Mini Cassette Recorder
Second Hand Philips 588 Mini Cassette Recorder
SH50 Stethoscope Headset
SH50DP Stethoscope Headset
SH50N Stethoscope Headset
SH50USB Stethoscope Style Headset
SH55 Headset
SH55DP Dictaphone Headset
SH55N Headset
SH55USB PC Headset
Sony FS80 Foot Pedal
Sony ACE30A AC Adapter
Sony BI-85 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Sony BM-246 4 Channel Recorder Transcriber, BM246
Sony BM-246 4 Channel Recorder Transcriber, BM246
Sony BM147 4 Channel Transcriber Second Hand, BM-147
Sony BM575 Refurbished Microcassette Recorder
Sony BM575A Microcassette Recorder BM-575
Sony BM840 Microcassette Transcriber, Refurbished
Sony BM850 T Microcassette Transcriber
Sony BM850T Microcassette Transcriber. BM-850
Sony BM87 Standard Cassette Dictator, Second Hand
Sony BM87 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Second Hand
Sony BM87DT Standard Cassette Transcriber
Sony BM88 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Sony BM880 Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished
Sony BM89 Standard Cassette Transcriber
Sony BM890 Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished
Sony DC60 Instant Start Cassette Tapes 10 Pack
Sony DC90 Standard Cassette Tapes (10 Pack)
Sony DCCE345 Adapter
Sony DE45 Monaural Headset
Sony FS85 Foot Pedal
Sony FS85USB PC Transcription Kit
Sony HU25 Dictation Microphone Refurbished
Sony HU80 Microphone Refurbished
Sony M2000 Microcassette Transcriber, M2000A, M-2000A
Sony M2000 Microcassette Transcriber, Second Hand
Sony M2020 Microcassette Dictator / Transcriber M-2020
Sony M2020 Microcassette Dictator, M-2020
Sony M470 Microcassette Recorder
Sony MC60 Microcassette Tapes 3 Pack
Sony MDR210LP Headset
Sony MDRU10M Dynamic Headset
Sony TCM150 Standard Cassette Recorder
Sony TCM200DV Standard Cassette Recorder
Sony TCM210DV Standard Cassette Recorder
SoundTech MC45 Microcassette Tapes 10 Pack
SoundTech MC60 Microcassette Tapes (10 Pack)
Sparco MC45 Microcassette Tapes 10 Pack
Sparco Mini Cassette Tape
Spectra FLX10 Headset
Spectra GDX10 Headset with Grundig Connector
Spectra SPDP Headset
Spectra SPEC Ear Cushions (5 Pair Per Pack)
Spectra SPL Headset
Spectra SPN Headset
Spectra SPPC Headset
Spectra SPRA Headset
Spectra SPUSB Headset
Spectra VC5 Transcription Headset (Lanier MP555)
Standard Cassette
Standard Cassette Recorders
Standard Cassette Transcribers
Standard Cassette Transcribers & Dictators REFURBISHED
Steno Cassette
Tape Erasers
TCM100A Tie Clip Microphone
TCM100B Tie Clip Microphone
TCM50A Tie Clip Microphone
TCM50B Tie Clip Microphone
TDK MC60 Microcassette Tapes 6 Pack
Telephone Record Adapters
Tie Clip
Transcription Sound Set 0HST002
TRX20 - 2.5 Telephone Record Adapter
TRX20 - 3.5 Telephone Record Adapter
TV323 Headset
Ultima 200 Transcription Headset
Ultima Ear Cushions (5 Pair Per Pack)
VEC GNUSB Gooseneck Microphone with Push to Talk
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