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Philips 730 Mini Cassette Dictator, 730D

Philips 730 Mini Cassette Dictator, 730D
Item# 730D

Product Description

Philips 730 Mini Cassette Dictator, 730D

This is not a micro cassette unit.

The visual workflow display makes the Dictation System 730 particularly popular among systematic dictation users. It delivers all relevant dictation information at a glance, allowing you to efficiently organize your recordings and conveniently structure your workload.

Boasting sophisticated functionality such as a search feature and tape counter, the Desktop 730 brightens your day.

Key benefits

All information at a glance with visual workflow display Record important telephone conversations with built-in telephone recording option

Scan and display all information with auto rewind scan

Fast return to the beginning of the tape with auto rewind

Quick access to the start of the next job with search forward and skip functions

LCD tape counter shows information stored on the cassette

Package 730D (for dictation) contents:

Executive Desktop 730

Mini Cassette 005 (30 min)

Microphone 276

Power Supply 155

Technical Data

Weight: 1150 grams

Dimensions: 135 x 232 x 50 mm

Acoustic frequency response: 200 - 6,000 Hz

Output power: > 600 mW

Earphones socket

Foot Control socket

Microphone socket

Power Supply socket

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