Dictation and Transcription Equipment

We offer transcription headsets, dictation equipment, cassette tapes, power adapters, microphones, telephone record adapters, pc footpedals as well as foot pedals for microcassette transcribers, and much more. We carry new and used cassette transcribers. We also have a wide selection of digital recorders and pc transcription software. give us a call if you are not finding what you need.

Dictaphone & Transcriber Repairs

Repair Service
We repair most dictation and transcription equipment.

Quality work provided by experienced transcription repair specialist with 30 years experience.


Free estimate on all repairs. If you decide not to go ahead with a repair, your only cost is for the return shipping.


Labor charge of $64 for most units.

Most repairs completed within 5-7 business days.


We always use original replacement parts when available.


90 Day warranty on all our repair work.

Send your dictaphone or transcriber to the following address:

Dictation Mall - Repair

1800 Williamsburg Dr

Adrian MI 49221

We repair the following models, and more.

Panasonic RR930, RR830

Sony M2000, M2020, BM87, BM88, BM89, BI85, BM840, BM845, BM850, BM880, BM890

Lanier VW110, VW160, VW210, VW260, P160, P164, P165

Sanyo TRC6030, TRC6040, TRC6050, TRC6300, TRC6400, TRC7050, TRC7060, TRC7500, TRC7600, TRC8030, TRC8080, TRC8090, TRC8300, TRC8800

Dictaphone 1740, 1750, 2740, 2750, 3740, 3750, 3254, 3255

Olympus T1000, T1010, T1100, T2020, DT1000, DT2000, CM200, S830, S831, S832

Philips 710, 720, 725, 730, 388, 488, 588

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