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Olympus WS853 Digital Recorder

Olympus WS853 Digital Recorder
Item# WS853

Product Description

Olympus WS853 Digital Recorder

PREMIUM FEATURES AND HIGHEST QUALITY RECORDING ALL IN ONE VERSATILE DEVICE The WS-Series recognized for its clear audio quality and superb operability has been updated. The WS-853 features the new Intelligent Auto Mode which automatically adjusts the recording level to match the volume of the sound source.

SUPERB STEREO QUALITY WITH THE TRUE STEREO MIC The two directional microphones positioned at a 90° layout enable an authentic stereo experience. Regardless of where the person speaking is located you clearly capture the recording scene.

INTELLIGENT AUTO MODE AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS MICROPHONE SENSITIVITY The Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the microphone sensitivity according to the volume of the sound source, this provides an even level of volume for the listener.

SIMPLE MODE, PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS The Simple Mode supports beginners by having the recorder display only the necessary information in large font. It also limits the functions in the menu to those which are frequently used.

DIRECT PC CONNECTION FOR CONVENIENT RECORDING DATA STORAGE Save data easily and conveniently with the built-in USB connector. The WS-853 can also be charged via USB.

THE BUILT-IN STAND PREVENTS SURFACE VIBRATION The built-in stand on the back of the body is carefully designed to reduce surface noise.

VOICE BALANCER IMPROVES AUDIO PLAYBACK QUALITY When recordings contain multiple speakers, the Voice Balancer makes softer voices louder and ensures that louder voices stay below a given level, providing playback where everyone can be heard clearly. This comes in handy when recording sound sources from multiple positions, such as in a meeting.

LONG BATTERY LIFE YOU CAN RELY ON Users can rely on the recorder for over 2,000 hours of recording time and for over 100 hours of battery life.

MULTIPLE SCENE SELECT OPTIONS Choose from one of seven recording scenes and your recorder will adjust to the optimal recording settings. Telephone Recording and Duplication Mode can be used in combination with optional accessories.

FILE SEARCHING IS EASY WITH THE CALENDAR FUNCTION Find what you’re looking for. Fast. Saved audio files are automatically organized by date and displayed in the calendar.

NOISE CANCELLATION FOR CLEAR PLAYBACK QUALITY The noise-cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise enabling clear playback quality.

DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING RATING “6 DRAGON” The WS-853 was awarded 6 Dragons, for the highest recognition rating when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from Nuance Communications, Inc. Dragon automatically turns your talk into text and can make virtually any computer task easier and faster. For more information please visit Nuance's website.

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