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Olympus DS9500 Digital Dictation Recorder with WiFi Download

Olympus DS9500 Digital Dictation Recorder with WiFi Download
Item# DS9500

Product Description

NEW Olympus DS9500 Digital Dictation Recorder with WiFi download.

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Olympus Professional dictation device providing increased workflow simplicity through WiFi connectibility, intelligent dual microphone noise cancellation technology, and impact resistant certification up to 1.5 meters (4.9ft)

WIFI COMPATIBILITY AND LAN CONNECTOR INCLUDED Managing workflow and sending dictation via WiFi accessibility provides increased flexibility and improved efficiency. Pairing with your personal hotspot or office network provides real-time file sharing with your transcriptionist. Status of transcription files can easily be checked on the DS-9500.

CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT USING INTELLIGENT DUAL MICROPHONES Intelligent dual microphone technology ensures optimization for many different recording environments. For example, in a noisy environment such as an airport, use narrow directionality to ensure the voice is accurately captured. For conference rooms when multiple individuals are speaking, use a wide directionality recording setting to accurately capture all presenters.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY STUDIO RECORDING BUILT-IN An included studio quality pop filter reduces additional noise from wind and breath noise, enabling more accurate transcription and professional, high-quality recordings.

SHOCK PROOF BODY IMPROVES LONGEVITY A reliable body design resistant up to a 1.5-meter (4.9-ft) fall dramatically enhances the lifespan of the DS-9500 in heavy use environments. An optical slide switch reduces the risk of mechanical failure.

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