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Olympus T2020 Micro Mini Cassette Dual Tape Transcriber

Olympus T2020 Micro Mini Cassette Dual Tape Transcriber
Item# T2020

Product Description

Olympus T2020 Micro Mini Cassette Dual Tape Transcriber Only 1 Available

If you transcribe from both Microcassettes and minicassettes, then you need the dual deck Olympus T2020 transcriber. It can handle both tapes, providing for optimum versatility in desktop transcription of in-office dictation. Its fast play mode allows up to 40% faster playback for all levels of transcriptionists, and its adjustable auto backspace facilitates trouble-free transcription. You can adjust volume and tone to suit your situation. Tape counter for the micro deck helps locate important topics easily. Dual-speaker headset assures comfort and excellent sound quality. Auto backspace adjusts for trouble-free transcription. Adjustable tape speed (-25% ~ +50% with minicassette) and tone control make operation easy. 3-function Foot Control (Listen, Fast Forward, and Rewind) assures efficient transcription.

Foot Pedal and Headset Included

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