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Olympus DR2300 Directrec Microphone

Olympus DR2300 Directrec Microphone
Item# DR2300

Product Description

Olympus DR2300 Directrec Microphone
Olympus DR2300 Directrec Microphone

The Olympus DR-2300 Direct Recording System is designed to enable easy integration in any work environment – healthcare facility, law firm or corporate office.

With four designated programmable buttons on the front, as well as the one on the back, the device can be fully customized, enabling complete systems integration. To provide the most secure and efficient dictation workflow, the DR-2300 offers a barcode scanner (available separately), which enables automatic allocation of voice files to client, case or patient records.

The DR-2300 features intuitively positioned buttons enabling single-handed control, a meticulously engineered low-noise microphone and an integrated speaker.


Device password protection and DSS Pro real-time 128- or 256-bit file encryption makes the DS-7000 ideal for workplace environments that deal with sensitive information.


Five programmable buttons and their respective functions can be customized to suit particular program settings for a variety of purposes, recording conditions, and user environments.


The low-noise directional microphone blocks unwanted background noises, guaranteeing ultra-clear dictation recordings. Great for use with speech recognition software. The microphone sensitivity can be set at +6 or +18 dB, ideal for the busy office setting.


Register an ID directly in the DR-2300 and automatically have it used as part of the file naming convention for all created dictations.

Overall Frequency Response

300~10,000Hz(SP) 100~14,000Hz(PCM)

Microphone Sensitivity


Microphone Sensitivity difference

Variable or 0/+6/+18dB (Selectable from SDK)

Maximum Output


Microphone/Speaker diameter


Input Level


Cord Length

98.4 inch (2.5m)


6.1×1.8×1.2 inch (154×44.6×31.6 mm)

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