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Sony BM575A Microcassette Recorder BM-575

Sony BM575A Microcassette Recorder BM-575
Item# BM575A
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Product Description

Sony BM575 microcassette recorder.

Capture everything from quick memos to lengthy speeches on the BM575 portable microcassette dictating machine. Featuring slide switch operation, voice operated recording, a dictate conference switch, a fast playback function and 2 record/playback speeds, this dictating machine eliminates note taking for good. Also known as BM575A and BM-575.


Microcassette system uses ultra-compact easy to obtain microcassettes for recording and playback convenience.

Slide switch operation slides into position with one finger and changes the operating mode from dictate to stop to listen to backspace.

Metal case is designed to withstand rugged use while dictating in or out of office, in the car, or elsewhere.

Voice operated recording (VOR) with mic sensitivity adjustment activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving the tape and eliminating soundless pauses.

Lock switch locks controls to prevent accidental activation of any function.

Dictate conference switch enables the unit to record in different situations such as for individual recording or in meetings.

Fast playback function reduces the time needed to review recordings.

Fast forward cue allows listening to the tape at high speed to locate specific passages for editing.

LED record/battery indicator verifies when unit is in Record mode and confirms battery strength.

3-Digit tape counter gives you a visible measure of tape elapsed for rapid access when editing and listening.

2 Record/playback speeds gives you the option of using a standard microcassette for an extended recording or dictation as long as 2 hours.

Audible end of tape alarm sounds an audible alert when the end of tape is reached.

Microphone jack lets you connect an external microphone if desired.

Earphone jack for private listening with optional earphone.

The Sony BM575 is the best microcassette portable dictator still in production.

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