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Recording Software

Recording Software
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RecordACall Recording Software

RecordACall is a Windows based recording software compatible with a number of recording accessories including the CM1000 and CM1000USB microphones, the LRX35, LRX37C and LRX40USB telephone record adapters.

With RecordACall you can Record, Store, Search or Send with a simple mouse click while you concentrate on the conversation and not the computer screen.

Use with any of the accessories below.


LRX35 Logger Patch
LRX35 Telephone handset record coupler. Designed for PC sound card recording applications. Hard-wired 10 ft. audio output cord with 3.5 mm plug, which connects to your sound card.

The LRX35 connects between the handset cord and the telephone base unit.

If you need an adapter that connects between the phone line cord and wall jack, see the LRX37C.
LRX37C Logger Patch
LRX37C Telephone line coupler. Connects analog audio from RJ-11 wall jack to your PC's sound card.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the LRX-37C Logger Patch features a modular receiver plug at one end and a coiled connector cord plus a 7ft. audio connector cord - both with modular telephone plugs. The unit easily connects between your phone base and the hand-set, providing crisp, clear recordings of both sides of any telephone conversation for most telephones - both digital based and analog type..
This item is currently out of stock! email or call us for an ETA or replacement model.
LRX40USB Telephone Record Adapter
LRX40USB Telephone Record Adapter

Engineered with the latest in recording adapter technologies, the LRX-40USB is your quick-connect logger link from your telephone to your PC or Mac. Once connected, the LRX-40USB provides clear, crisp audio documentation of all your recorded telephone conversations. Gone are your concerns of any possibility for omissions, oversights, inaccuracies, errors, mistakes and misunderstandings. And, secure are all conversations, negotiations, mediations, dialogues and discussions.
CM1000 Conference Microphone
CM1000 Conference Microphone

Conference Microphone combines a sleek low profile with daisy chain capability and 360º pickup for exceptional sound quality and maximum coverage. Ideal for all PC, Desktop, and Handheld recording applications, Including Meetings, Interviews, Lectures and Public Hearings.
CM1000 USB Conference Microphone
CM1000 USB Conference Microphone

The CM-1000 Conference Microphone provides an effective, affordable, and extensible solution to conference recording. It is designed to work with any PC and the quality is exceptional, the price is reasonable, and it compares favorably to the more expensive offerings by the major manufacturers.
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