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Philips LFH0005 Mini Cassette tapes 2 Pack

Philips LFH0005 Mini Cassette tapes 2 Pack
Item# LFH0005-2pk

Product Description

Philips 0005 30 minute mini cassette tapes. LFH0005 10 pack.

For use with All Philips Analog Pocket Memos and Desktops

15 Minutes Per Side for a Total of 30 Minutes Per Cassette

Compatible with all Philips models using the LFH0005 mini cassettes, including Philips Pocket Memo LFH381, LFH388, LFH488, LFH588, LFH710, LFH720, LFH725, LFH730, and Norelco 505, 510, 550, 555, 560.

Also compatible with Sanyo units using C-40N Mini Cassette Tapes such as Sanyo TRC-3580, TRC-3640, TRC-3680, TRC-3690, TRC-7500, TRC-7050, TRC-7600 and TRC-7060.

Also for use with Sony BM60 and BM610 units replacing CM-30MN SONY Mini Cassette Tapes.

Replaces Dictaphone 877050 M-30 Dictaphone Mini Cassette Tapes in all Dictaphone mini cassette tape units including the 1740 and 1750.

Also for use with Norcom mini cassette units.

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