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Olympus ME30W Microphone Kit

Olympus ME30W Microphone Kit
Item# 145-059

Product Description

Combine the ME30W with any Olympus Digital Stereo Voice Recorder and you have a powerful, high-quality recording system. This versatile two-channel professional microphone kit is suitable for capturing quality audio in large conference rooms or even at musical performances. TWO-CHANNEL VERSATILITY. The right and left channel microphones may be placed up to 16 feet apart, suitable for conference recording in large rooms.

EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY. Employs a low noise, high-quality microphone element covering a 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz frequency response, and can therefore be used for recording musical performances as well as conferences.

TWO MICROPHONES. Can be attached to the foldable mini tripod (TR1) stand adapters and placed across a large conference table.

NO EXTRA BATTERIES. The plug-in power system means you don’t have to worry about needing extra microphone batteries.

Features & Benefits:

ME30W Kit comes standard with two electret condenser microphones (ME30).

Each microphone features eight feet of cable. The total length of 16 feet is suitable for conference recording in large rooms.

Low noise and high-quality omni directional microphones.

20 Hz to 20KHz frequency response.

Two foldable mini tripod (TR1) stands are included.

The plug-in power system means you don't have to worry about extra microphone batteries.

The kit and all components fit into the carrying case for easy portability and secure handling.

Can be used with Olympus Digital Stereo Voice Recorders.

Compatible with Olympus PC Transcription Kit for transcription purposes.

Package Contents:

• Carrying case • Mini-tripod (TR1) x 2 • Adapter (PA8) • ME30 microphone x 2

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