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Andrea Array 2S/USB-SA Bundle

Andrea Array 2S/USB-SA Bundle
Item# Array-2S_USB-SA

Product Description

Andrea SUPERBEAM Array Microphone + USB-SA External Digital Sound Card BUNDLE.

This bundle includes: PureAudio USB-SA External Digital Sound Card Superbeam Array Microphone PureAudio Voice Solutions Software Suite

Increase intelligibility and performance of microphone input and stereo speaker output with patented noise reduction technology enhancing your digital audio applications.

Your headset, microphone or speakers will perform only as good as the sound card or integrated audio system that you plug into. Most laptops and PCs today have audio systems built in and it is often placed close to noisy components like the power supply or high frequency processors. In addition, PC's may be used in high noise level environments which can affect the performance of applications, such as those that use speech input.

Andrea's PureAudio™ USB-SA with patented noise reduction technology eliminates noise problems as it utilizes high quality digital circuitry and has state of the art noise reduction algorithm software. This format bypasses your desktop or laptop computer's sound system, providing increased intelligibility and performance of stereo microphone input and stereo speaker output for all of your digital audio applications including VoIP and speech recognition programs.

USB-SA Product Features:

Hi-fidelity external sound card with CD quality digital sample rates.

Converts the built-in sound of the average desktop or laptop into a rich audio experience designed for PC users who insist on high quality/low noise audio.

Small form factor, about the size of a thumb drive, is convenient for portability with audio peripherals.

The USB adapter enables the audio device driver platform which supports the Andrea PureAudio noise reduction technology and Andrea hardware peripherals. Can also be used to enhance ANY existing legacy headset, microphone or speakers.

Superbeam Array Microphone Product Features:

Hi-fidelity stereo Array microphone designed for use with PureAudio USB-SA External Digital Sound Card.

The Andrea SuperBeam stereo array product solutions are superior for far-field sound pick up and fidelity.

Offers the highest quality and performance over single element microphones.

Specifically designed for use with the Andrea beam forming audio input software.

Small size designed for mounting on a desktop monitor.

The Andrea Advantage… PureAudio™ Voice Solutions Software Suite:

PureAudio™ - Patented and award winning noise reduction speech enhancement algorithm. Significantly improves intelligibility of voice audio and accuracy in speech driven applications, particularly in high noise environments.

EchoStop™ - Patented full duplex acoustic echo cancellation algorithm enables both speaker to broadcast and microphone to transmit simultaneously turning your PC into a high quality speakerphone.

DSDA™ - Patented Digital Super Directional Array adaptive beam forming system powers Andrea's SuperBeam microphone which enables more intelligible audio by eliminating annoying background noise from standard microphone function by forming a beam toward the speaker and eliminating background noises that are outside of the beam.

AudioCommander - PC Audio Control Panel including speaker volume adjustment with received PureAudio noise reduction and a 10-band graphic equalizer with 18 built-in presets to customize sound for your listening preference. Also includes a microphone volume adjustment with noise reduction, beam forming, and acoustic echo cancellation controls. Whether you're using VoIP, Game Chat, playing music, watching movies, or using speech recognition applications, you'll always have the audio parameters set appropriately for optimal performance.

VoiceCenter - A full function digital audio recording application with unlimited recording time and the ability to compress audio/voice files in WMA format and send them via e-mail and drag & drop audio/voice files into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or other multi-media applications.

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