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Andrea HS75 C1-1020060-2

Andrea HS75 C1-1020060-2
Item# HS75

Product Description

Andrea HS75 Stereo Headphones, HS-75.

Andrea Electronics' HS-75 Stereo Headphones is the perfect companion to the Superbeam Array Microphone!

Product Features

Eliminate echo at your end on IP telephony sites when using Superbeam®.

Use with voice controlled PC games to improve recognition by reducing background audio picked up by your microphone

Black with silver accents, color coordinates perfectly with Superbeam® Array

Standard 3.5 mm plug for computer, CD player, MP3 player, and other stereo audio devices

Also Features: Pre-Equalized CD Quality Sound with Accentuated Bass Response. High Quality Earphones with Large Comfortable Ear Cushions. Stainless Steel Adjustable Headband Extra Long 8 Foot Shielded Cord Economy and Performance

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