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Olympus Pearlcorder J500 Microcassette Recorder

Olympus Pearlcorder J500 Microcassette Recorder
Item# 141-540

Product Description

Olympus Pearlcorder J500 microcassette recorder.

Whether at a conference, a meeting, or other occasion, you’ll get clear audio with the hand-held J500. Plus, you can index important points, utilize dual tape speed for increased recording capacity, and monitor the life of your battery via the LED battery check system.

VOICE ACTIVATION. The J500 will begin recording when the microphone senses sound.

VOLUME CONTROL. Automatic recording levels determine the perfect volume for your audio recording.

INDEX MARKING. Index your recordings so you can quickly locate important audio.

BATTERY POWER INDICATOR. Stay on top of your battery’s life so you never run out of power.


Indexing capability to easily locate important recordings.

3 LED battery-check system for information on how much battery life remains.

Variable control voice actuator for hands-free recording.

Tape counter for easy location of previously recorded passages.

Dual tape speeds give you up to three hours of recording time on a 90-minute tape.

External jacks provide easy connection for earphone, microphone and external power.

Cue/Review makes for fast, easy message monitoring.

Built-in microphone for recording anytime, anywhere.

Built-in, dynamic speaker delivers crystal-clear sound.

Quick review lets you listen to what has just been recorded.

Package Contents:

• Pearlcorder J500

• Instruction manual

• Wrist strap

• 2 x AAA batteries

• 1 x XB60 tape

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Grundig DH2028 Microcassette Recorder
Grundig DH2028 Microcassette Recorder

Comfortable to hold and easy to use, this handheld dictation machine from Grundig offers professional users a great value for their investment. Features a European style slide switch to control all functions of the unit, as well as voice activation recording. Once voice activation is switched on, the machine stops recording when you stop speaking and begins recording again as soon as you resume speaking.

With Quality German engineering, the Grundig DH2028 is an excellent choice for your handheld dictation needs.


•Comfortable European Style slide switch

•Erase/Switch-on lock

•Voice Activation

•Warning beep with missing cassette, tape end or weak battery

Dimensions: 5 1/2" X 2 3/8" X 7/8"

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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