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Sony BM87 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Second Hand

Sony BM87 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Second Hand
Item# BM87TU

Product Description

Fully Reconditioned Sony BM87 Transcriber includes the AC adapter, Foot Pedal and headset along with a 90 day warranty.

Sony BM87DSTA standard cassette transcriber. Transcribe and record important data quickly and easily with the BM87DSTA transcribing machine. With double speed recorders and telephone conversation recording ability, the BM87DSTA can meet a variety of transcribing needs. The system conveniently uses standard cassettes, and boasts compatibility with both stereo and monaural cassette recorders for transcribing. For greater efficiency, the handy 3-function foot pedal lets you change modes without moving your hands from the keyboard.


Standard cassette system uses easy to obtain, easy to store standard cassettes for recording and playback convenience.

Compatible with double speed recorders enables the user to transcribe cassette tapes recorded at either the standard 4.8 cm/sec speed or half speed 2.4 cm/sec.

Compatible with stereo and mono cassette recorders allows cassette tapes recorded in either the monaural format or stereo format to be transcribed.

Telephone record capability allows for direct recording of telephone conversations.

3-Digit tape counter gives a visible indication of tape elapsed for rapid access when editing and shows amount of dictation on the tape.

Fully adjustable automatic backspace begins playback prior to where it last stopped, preventing lost dictation.

Built-in erase on rewind may be optionally activated to automatically erase recordings while rewinding the cassette.

Cassette window enables the user to view and confirm tape movement.

Auto motor shut-off after approximately 3 minutes in Stop mode.

3-Function foot control lets the transcriber change mode from play to rewind to fast forward without removing hands from the keyboard.

Speed/Tone/Volume controls are individual slider-type, front mounted, and allow easy one-finger adjustment for transcribing convenience.

Electronic indexing stops at electronic signals on the tape at selected points to aid in locating particular recordings.

End of tape and no-cassette alarms signal when the tape end is reached, or if there is no cassette in the compartment.

Auto stop stops the tape in Fast Forward and Rewind modes when end-of-document signals are reached.

Built-in playback speaker is useful when one or more persons wish to listen to the recording without the need to wear earphones.

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