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Grundig 3110TG Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished

Grundig 3110TG Microcassette Transcriber Refurbished
Item# 3110TGR
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Product Description

Grundig professional 3110 microcassette transcriber. The Grundig 3110 is an ideal replacement for the Sony BM840, BM850, M2000 or any other microcassette transcriber.

Includes SP-GDX headset, INGDX foot pedal and AC adapter.

Fast forward & rewind, conference record, variable backspace & playback speed, includes AC adaptor, LCD display, tape counter, conference recorder, variable backspace and playback speed.

Adjustable rewind (with foot control) and variable playback speed (+/-15%) Fast forward and rewind, high-speed erase Early warning signal for tape end Built in dynamic loudspeaker

This is a perfect replacement for the Panasonic RR930, Sony M2000, Dictaphone 3740 & 3750, Sanyo TRC6040, Lanier VW210 & VW260, Olympus T1000.

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