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Sony BM-246 4 Channel Recorder Transcriber, BM246

Sony BM-246 4 Channel Recorder Transcriber, BM246
Item# BM246W
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Product Description

This Sony BM246 is the grey color. It has been overhauled completely and will give you years of reliable service. The optional FS85 foot pedal allows for transcribe operation from deck B, just like using the BM147 transcriber.

The SONY BM246 is a dual deck 4 track precision recorder for courtroom and conference recording with balanced inputs for up to 8 microphones, 2 mixed for each track. With the choice of 1/2 and 1/4 speeds and sequential recording of the decks, 2 C90 cassettes will record up to 6 hours. Or both decks can make the same recording (up to 3 hours) at the same time. Both decks have their own tape counters with 4 digit resolution and precision preset access to any part of the tapes.

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