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Dictaphone Nuance Powermic ii

Dictaphone Nuance Powermic ii
Item# Powermic-ii
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Product Description

Dictaphone Nuance Powermic ii Speech Recognition Microphone

Product Description

The Dictaphone powermic ii is is a very high quality microphone - designed for the professional, and with a number of unique features making it highly convenient and accurate with speech recognition software and particularly well suited for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking. The PowerMic II microphone, OPOWM2N-004, offers simplified single handed, thumb control operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing, and editing speech recognition generated documentation. This microphone integrates partially with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9.5 and beyond and, in fact, if Dragon is set-up with this as the planned microphone the program provides a separate menu of "hot keys" specifically related to this microphone.Integration with NaturallySpeaking 10 Medical is particularly rich and allows use of microphone button to accomplish a series of functions listed in detail below.


* Hand-held

* High accuracy

* Reasonably good noise cancellation

* Programmable buttons

* Excellent ergonomics

* Designed for integrated use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

* USB interface with PC

* No need for drivers

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