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Dictaphone 2750 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Refurb

Dictaphone 2750 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Refurb
Item# 2750U

Product Description

Dictaphone 2750 Standard Cassette Transcriber, Refurb

This is a refurbished unit and includes the AC adapter, foot pedal and a new headset.

The Dictaphone ExpressWriter Plus voice processing system is designed to boost productivity and efficiency in any voice-processing environment-all while providing maximum convenience for both the dictator and transcription. ExpressWriter Plus systems offer a wide range of functions in a compact design.

The ExpressWriter recorder provides standard dictation and transcription functionality including cue tones to mark routines letters and priority dictation.

A built-in display keeps track of total dictation time and the convenient hand microphone puts all important dictation controls in your hand.

The recorder also provides voice-activated recording, conference and telephone recording and advanced scanning and search functions which improves the efficiency of transcription activities. Plus, the expanded display panel provides a wide range of visual data to help both a dictator and transcriptionist to optimize their use of the recorder.

Features Include

•Intelligent graphical LCD displays tape counter, letter/Cue instructions, current location and dictation lengths.

•Fast play, volume, vox sensitivity, tone, auto backspace and speed controls.

•Last-Word-Locator lets you go back to review information that you recorded earlier in a document, then resume recording at the exact spot where you left off dictating.

•Alert/Warning Tones play when an End-of-Letter, Priority or Instruction cue is encountered, End-of-tape is reached, Tape is broken, No cassette is loaded and an operation is selected, The End Zone is reached in Record mode, The Last Word Locator is reached in Fast Forward or Play modes, an entry error is detected (a task is attempted which is not permitted at that time).

•Telephone recording capable with optional Telephone Record Adapter accessory.

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