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Olympus RS27 Foot Pedal

Olympus RS27 Foot Pedal
Item# 147-036

Product Description

Olympus RS27 foot pedal for AS2300, AS4000, AS2400 and AS5000. The Olympus RS27 Foot Pedal also replaces the RS23 and RS25 foot pedals. The RS27 pedal is for use with Olympus DSS Player Pro, DSS Player and DSS Player Standard. It can also connect to the CR3 or CR10 cradles for transcription and hands free dictation with the Olympus DS4000 and DS5000.

If you have upgraded your PC to the Windows 7 64 bit edition, and are using a RS23 or RS25 foot pedal, you will need to purchase the RS27 pedal as the older pedals will not work.

Foot Switch (RS-27)

This RS-27 footswitch is offered as a replacement footswitch for the one supplied with the AS-2000 series, AS-3000 series, or AS-4000 series Transcription kits. Control playback, FF and REW without taking your fingers off of the keyboard!

Please note the RS-27 does not come with DSS software required to utilize this footswitch. If you need DSS software with footswitch functionality we recommend you purchase the PC Transcription Kit (AS-2400) or AS-5000 Transcription kit. Both kits contain a version of the DSS software that has footswitch functionality, the RS-27 footswitch, and the E-102 headset. We recommend the AS-5000 kit for business transcription. The DSS Player Pro software included in the AS-5000 kit is geared for someone who needs to track the progress of multiple files or customers such as in an office situation. The software provided in the AS-2400 kit is geared for someone who usually transcribes for one person.

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