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Sony TCM400DV Standard Cassette Recorder, Refurb

Sony TCM400DV Standard Cassette Recorder, Refurb
Item# TCM400DVR
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Product Description

Sony TCM400DV standard cassette recorder. Refurbished

The TCM400DV Pressman® standard cassette recorder is the answer to all of your recording needs. Enjoy features like double recording time, which enables you to record at normal speed or half the normal speed for an extended recording or dictation session, and voice operated recording which conserves tape and eliminates soundless passages. Additional features include long battery life (20 hours)1, playback speed control, a built-in flat mic, a microphone jack, a clear voice recording system, a 3-digit tape counter, and one touch recording. cue and review will assist you in finding specific passages, while Sony-Matic™ automatic recording level control ensures the correct recording level.


Double recording time gives you the option of recording on a standard cassette at either normal speed or half the normal speed, for extended recording or dictation sessions.

Voice operated recording activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving tape and eliminating soundless passages.

Long battery life1 - 20 hours is made possible by advanced technology which extends battery power beyond previous limits.

Playback speed control lets you adjust playing speed as much as +30% or -15% for easier review of recorded information.

Battery indicator with alert LED confirms battery operation and alerts you of low battery power with flashing LED.

Built-in flat microphone provides convenient recording versatility in various situations.

Microphone jack allows connection of an external microphone.

Clear Voice™ recording system enhances voice quality during recording and playback, for greater clarity.

3-Digit tape counter makes it easy to find a specific location on the tape, for rapid access and editing.

One touch recording for simplified, quick play/record operation.

Cue and review provides sound during fast forward and rewind modes to help find specific passages.

Sony-Matic® automatic recording level control uses advanced circuitry to ensure correct recording level.

3V DC-in jack for 2-way operation using replaceable batteries or with optional AC adapter.

Monaural earphone jack provide sound in both ears when using with an optional stereo headset.

Hinged battery lid helps prevent accidental loss when changing batteries.

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